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Robert Hackey


Contact Information:

401.865 .2453

Ruane Center for the Humanities 229


Ph.D. - Political Science Brown University

Area(s) of Expertise:

Health Care Reform, Hospital Regulation, Health Care in Popular Culture, Student Internship Programs

Selected Publications:

Hackey, R. Olszewski, T. Today's Health Care Issues: Democrats and Republicans. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO

Hackey, R. (2018) Introduction: Four Decades of PAs in Rhode Island. Rhode Island Medical Journal.(101), 14-16.

Hackey, R. Grasso, V. LaRochelle, M. Seaver, K. (2018) Rethinking the Shortage of Primary Care Physicians. Journal of the American Academy of PAs.(31), 47-50.

Olszewski, T. Waldron, D. Hackey, R. (2017) "Scholars in Training: Moving From Student Engagement to Student Empowerment". Currents in Teaching and Learning.(9), 17-25.

Hackey, R. May, E. Guilbeault, S. (2016) Making the Grade: Evaluating the Performance of State Health Insurance Marketplaces. Providence. RI: The Collaborative

Hackey, R. May, E. (2015) Measuring the Performance of Health Insurance Marketplaces. Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).(314), 667-68.

Hackey, R. (2015) Folk Healers and Medical Miracles: Images of Health and Health Care in the Hunger Games. Journal of Popular Culture.(48), 776-788.

Olszewski, T. Hackey, R. Waldron, D. (2015) New Hampshire: Baseline Report. Albany, NY: Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government, State University of New York

Caprio, M. Hackey, R. (2014) If You Build It, They Will Come’: Strategies for Developing an Undergraduate Research Conference. The Journal of Health Administration Education.(31), 247-266.

Hackey, R. (2012) Cries of Crisis: Rethinking the Health Care Debate. Reno, NV: University of Nevada Press

Selected Presentations:

Hackey, R. Popular Culture Association of the South Annual Meeting. Popular Culture Association of the South, New Orleans, LA - "Into the Woods: The Environment of the Hunger Games" October, 2018

Hackey, R. Olszewski, T. Innovations in Health Law and Policy: Regulatory Challenges and Strategies for Change.. University of New Hampshire School of Law and the Institute for Health Policy and Practice, Concord, NH - "New Hampshire’s “Wait and See” Approach To Implementing the ACA" October, 2015

Olszewski, T. Hackey, R. Waldron, D. Northeast Political Science Association Annual Meeting. NEPSA, New Haven, CT - "Live Free and Reform: Implementing the Affordable Care Act in New Hampshire" April, 2015

Hackey, R. New York State Political Science Association. , New York, NY - "Paper: The Shortage of Primary Care Physicians: Crisis or Chronic Condition?" April, 2014

Hackey, R. New York State Political Science Association. , New York, NY - "Session: Student Research Panel" April, 2014

Hackey, R. Northeast Popular Culture Association. , Colchester, VT - "Session: Politics, Civic Life, and Popular Culture: Critical Perspectives on Politics and the Mass Media" October, 2013

Hackey, R. Annual Meeting of the Northeast Popular Culture Association. , Colchester, VT - "Folk Healers and Medical Miracles: Health Care in the Hunger Games" October, 2013

Hackey, R. Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association. , Boston, MA - "Paper: The Myth of a Health Care Crisis in America: Rethinking the Rhetoric of Health Care Reform" April, 2012

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