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Health Policy and Management at Providence College
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For more than three decades, the Health Policy and Management (HPM) program has prepared students for challenging careers in the health care industry — health services management, health policy-making, and public health practice — and has provided a strong foundation for graduate study.

Over the past decade, the program has evolved into a more interdisciplinary approach to studying the relationship between health and society. Like its sister programs in the School of Professional Studies, HPM has a required field experience seminar and internship program designed to prepare students for the world of professional practice they will enter after graduation. Our curriculum recognizes the need to balance theory with practice and provides for a structured field experience during the senior year. This required internship affords students an opportunity to develop and practice professional skills under the direction of an on-site preceptor and a faculty supervisor.

We offer a unique training ground for those who will lead in the development of healthier communities through professional practice, research, and service. Many students choose to combine a major in health policy with a major or minor in Accounting, Business Studies, Global Studies, Political Science, Public and Community Service, Psychology, or Sociology.